We get it, you probably haven't ridden a big-wheel since you were wearing slap-bands and hypercolor shirts, so you probably have some questions. If we missed anything, email us and let us know. 


What is this event for? Who does it benefit?

Danger Wheel is produced by a group of neighbors who love to have fun in their backyard of Pendleton. All the proceeds from the event benefit the beautification projects in Pendleton Neighborhood.


Is this thing kid-friendly?

You betcha. We love kids. Kids love big wheels. Just no kids ON big wheels during Danger Wheel.


I want to race. Do I have to provide my own big wheel?

Nope. We provide them for you. And we even have mechanics on hand for when you undoubtedly crash and burn.


What happens if your big wheel breaks during a race but you win? Can you get a replacement?

Yes. If you win and your big-wheel breaks, one additional big-wheel will be provided for you. If you break the second one, you are disqualified.

Can you win by carrying the big wheel across the finish line after it breaks?

No. You must be seated to win your race.

Can we wear costumes?

Absolutely! This is America after all isn’t it?

Will there be a losers bracket?

Yes. Each race team will get a minimum of 2 races.


If I win, does this qualify me for the X-Games? 

No. As we mentioned before, this is all for fun. Let's make sure we maintain that spirit in competition.