All members must be present for each race and must sign a waiver prior to participating. Danger Wheel participants must be 18 years of age or older. 

(2) Two Pushers at the top of the hill - Your job is to give your team a big head start
(1) One Driver - Your job is to get to the bottom of the hill as fast as humanly possible.


In order to allow everyone to participate, your big-wheel will be provided for you. That's right, you don't need to supply your own bike. We got you! 


Each race will consist of two teams starting from the top of the hill. Once the horn blows, the two pushers will have 10 feet to push their big-wheel driver down the course. The driver then has to navigate the course as fast as possible to cross the finish line for victory.

There is no pushing or shoving of the other team during the race. Drivers that do so will be disqualified.

You must be seated when you cross the finish line. If your butt isn’t on the seat, it will not count.

If you avoid a ramp, you are disqualified.

Don’t be late. If you aren’t on the trike ready to race when it is your turn, you forfeit. Bracket times listed are approximate so you need to be paying attention.

Don’t drink and ride. Anyone visibly intoxicated will forfeit their race. 

Don’t be a Dick. Anyone not competing with a friendly spirit of playing in the backyard will be ejected from the race and forfeit any future races.

The Master of Danger who starts each race will have final say on all rulings concerning the things above and anything else at his sole discretion. There are no refunds. If you can’t handle that, don’t show up.


The champion will be determined through a bracket system and winners of each race will advance.



It is your job to keep your driver safe. Make sure you take the proper precautions. When you are flying down the asphalt is the wrong time to think about what you should wear. 


Helmet - We suggest one with a full face guard
Close-toed shoes
Shirt and pants

Strongly Suggested - (seriously, wear this too)

Pants with padding
Elbow Pads
Knee Pads